Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 130

Happy 4th of July! I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I have to admit that I was so insanely busy today that I hardly took any pictures at all.

We had a nice day. We started off by making blue fireworks pancakes followed by baths and the parade in town. [Can I just tell you that walking 1/2 a mile pushing 90lbs of grown girls in a double stroller in the 95* blazing heat was a really bad about pooped.] It was so hot I started to be concerned about the baby so we left early. No one seemed to care because they had their bags of candy and we went home to air conditioning and popsicles! Later on after naps we drove over to my mother in laws house to watch the fireworks from her yard. The baby did well considering it was nearly 10pm before they started. My husband was even able to get off work and make it there with only minutes to spare. We had a great time!

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God has blessed me with many gifts. Pancake decorating is not one of them.

Want the recipe?
1. Make pancake batter
2. Add blue food coloring- don't worry it did not turn anyone blue
3. Draw on pancakes with frosting- I used the kind in the can that squeezes out
4. Sprinkle with powdered sugar

I know it sounds super complicated but I bet you're just smart enough to figure it out ;) Surely we aren't the first people to do this but I have never seen it done- we just thought of it- so if you really need some kind of in depth recipe, google might just have the answer if you ask her really nice.

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