Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 107

I went to Carters today and bought the girls their very own matching outfits! I know, I know, but they'll forgive me someday. When I got home, I laid them on the ground and went to go get my husband to show him our new duds. When I returned a mere 12.8 seconds later, I found this:
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Mind you, I had already shared and she had her own sippy cup but, naturally, mom's smoothie was much more appealing. And do you see our matching outfits back there? EEEEE! I'm so excited to have them wear them out. Now, where do suppose we can go?!


  1. So cute! Love the outfits. :)

    Does she do well with the straw? Rosemary is having a hard time with the sippy, but I'm not sure if she'll do much better with a straw...

  2. She does very well with a straw, better than with the sippy at first. I say go for it :)