Friday, October 22, 2010

Apparently, a lot can happen in a month

So, once again I let this blog fall at the wayside. I think I'm ok with that. But now that I have learned a little more about photography and editing, I'm looking back at some of these pictures and laughing. Oh my, the editing on even the few underneath this now makes me want to gouge my eyes out. And to think, at the time I was so proud of those. Such is learning.

So, Lilly is now 14 months old- holy cow. She's pretty awesome, too. Running all over the place, refusing naps, signing her little heart out...she really is too flippen cool for words. Here is a new picture of her that hopefully wont make you wanna smack for it's horrible editing or blurriness and of those other beginners mistakes I was (still am) guilty of.

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We're working on the binky. Baby steps, people, baby steps

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